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Sonic Sport Shifter Video

Mar 3,  2011

The New Sonic Sport Shifter was tested at the Ocala Gran Prix

The Sonik Sport Shifter is an electric start shifter using a Maxter ICC bottom end and the cylinder from the Sonic Sport that incorperates a Nikasil plated cylinder and a power valve. The battery is for starting the engine, the battery does not run the engine. If the battery losses is charge, you can still push start the kart.

So far, we have found that the Sonik Shifter is easier to drive than a traditional ICC. In comparison to an ICC, the Sonik Shifter has more lower end power making lauches easier and acceleration alot of fun. An ICC engine will have a greater top end as it produces more power at the upper rpm range.

When the testing is completed and the engine goes to market, we expect this engine to have performance charactoristics similiar to a stock moto engine. Pricing for the complete Sonik Shifter Package is expected to be similiar to a complete stock moto engine as well. The big differences being this engine is a purpose built kart engine, comes complete ready to mount on the chassis and just hit the button to start the engine

Here is the video:

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